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AutoCAD: PDF and textstyles

Each of us has already created PDF files, and maybe then found that the texts look terrible. This may be due to the implemented textstyles into the PDF fonts. This posting explains the right adjustment.

Please read more here.

AutoCAD: Cursor in Commandline

I note again that many users activate the cursor on the command line by clicking the mouse in the command line.

Activation of the cursor on the command line is not necessary. You can just start writing, AutoCAD will display this in the commandline without the cursor has been activated.

Author: Jürgen A. Becker

Contact: Juergen.Becker@CAD-Becker.de


AutoCAD: Plot transparency

Several versions ago Autodesk implemented the new object property "Transparency". We can use the transparency for hatches, which overlapping other objects, e.g. roomareas in architectural drawings.